Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder Cancer article by Ioana Baiu, MD, MPH; Brendan Visser, MD

Gallbladder cancer is an uncommon disease that is associated with gallstones and chronic gallbladder inflammation. Gallbladder cancer is more common in women, older patients, and Native Americans. Although most people with gallbladder cancer have gallstones, only 1 in 200 people with gallstones develop gallbladder cancer. [...]

Biliary Cancer – Dana Farber Cancer Institute

What is biliary cancer? Biliary cancers are malignancies in the organs of the biliary system, which includes gallbladder and bile ducts. While gallbladder cancer and bile duct cancer are separate diseases, they are both part of the biliary drainage system and tend to be cancers [...]

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