Shining Star Volunteers at the Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance Resource Center

Our dedicated Volunteers at the Eastern Sierra Cancer Alliance, ESCA, Resource Center are caring individuals that bring years of experience to our office.

In 2008 ESCA opened its doors and one of our first volunteers was Kate Roberts.  Kate played an important role in the very beginning stages of setting up the Center. Kate spent many hours on helping to get the doors open.  Not only was it a priority to have a Resource Center that was supplied with current information, it was important to Kate that our Center be comfortable, and have an inviting atmosphere where one could come and speak freely about their cancer journey.  Kate was very good at listening to our Clients and could empathize and respond to them with support and guidance. She is missed dearly and is remembered as a very good friend to ESCA and a Community Advocate that truly cared about the wellbeing of others.

Among our amazing volunteers is Vel Kutzky.  Vel came to ESCA in 2008 and every Tuesday, rain or shine you will find her at the Center, she is a perfect example of a dedicated volunteer.  Vel was raised in Southern Inyo County and later in her adult life moved to Bishop, CA where she raised her four sons. Among the many activities she participates in, Vel enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  She is an active mother, grandmother, community member, good friend, and neighbor. In 2015-2016 Vel was an active participant on the Inyo County Grand Jury. All the while continuing her volunteerism at the ESCA Resource Center.

There have been many times when Vel will deliver financial aid applications to client’s home or go the extra mile with our client’s requests.  She is fluent in Spanish and has been able to help immensely with our spanish speaking community members. Among the many ESCA activities Vel has participated in, her office skills have contributed to making the Center run efficiently.  

Being a cancer survivor, Vel has a good understanding of the impact cancer can have.  Her compassion towards others is shown in a quiet way, being a good listener, giving a helping hand and showing up every Tuesday morning at the Center for 11 years!  We are very grateful and fortunate to have Vel Kutzky at our Resource Center, she is an amazing volunteer!

After 28 years working alongside a local general surgeon, Patricia Anderson, R.N. came to ESCA Resource Center to help with our office procedures.  Along with performing office procedures, Patricia has been able to continue with client teaching. Offering our clients informative literature on their type of cancer and resource information.  Patricia’s understanding and knowledge of cancer has been an asset to her volunteering with ESCA.

Patricia has been a Bishop resident for forty five years.  This year, Patricia and her husband, Lloyd Anderson, will be celebrating their fifty third year wedding anniversary .They raised two children and have four grandchildren.  Throughout her nursing career, Patricia’s family values and community relationships were evident as she was the facilitator for the cancer support group of the Owens Valley and a member of, Hospice of the Owens Valley Advisory Board for several years.

She has continued to share her knowledge with our Clients.  Patricia understands that education plays an integral part in helping our clients.   She has been helpful in ordering current medical publications for our Center, and keeping our book shelves stocked with American Cancer Society and Cure Magazines.   As an experienced Facilitator, she has been a mentor for our volunteers that lead the cancer support sessions.

Patricia Anderson, is a retired Registered Nurse who brings an abundance of knowledge and compassion to our Clients and we are very pleased she is with us!  Patricia is an outstanding volunteer!

In 2011, Sherry Nostrant came to ESCA and has actively participated as our Board Secretary for seven years.  Sherry at that time worked for Northern Inyo Hospital District in Diagnostic Imaging. Sherry’s forty years of professional training and education in the field of Diagnostic Imaging prompted her to get involved with ESCA.  Her knowledge and experience in this field involved breast imaging and cancer detection. We are fortunate to have Sherry as our Board Secretary and also being the facilitator for our cancer support sessions. Sherry enjoys the interaction that takes place during a cancer support session, and doing research on new and helpful resource information to share with the group is also rewarding for her.

Not only does Sherry spend a huge amount of time volunteering with ESCA, Sherry is an amazing creative individual that volunteers with Playhouse395 making costumes for their productions.  She is an artist, who also creates fun things for her grandchildren. Sherry finds joy in spending time with her family, quilt making and trying new recipes for family and friends.

Sherry is a person with many interests and her creative nature is obvious to ESCA.  In 2017, ESCA launched a Sock It to Cancer project.  This project involved the making of gift bags for our families with children having cancer.  In this gift bag, Sherry included a soft toy, such as a sock monkey. These cute, soft cuddly toys will bring comfort to our little clients with cancer.   Her creative style and Sherry’s knowledge in Diagnostic Imaging has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Sherry is an awesome volunteer!

Yolanda “Yole” Hinson volunteers at the Resource Center when needed and also contributes to the support group, sharing her experiences, knowledge and positive attitude with participants.  She has been living in Mono and Inyo County since 1980. Yole always worked in some type of service industry, such as real estate, restaurants and reservations. After retiring from the Bridgeport and Mammoth Lakes Postal Service, she found some spare time to share with ESCA.  Yole decided to volunteer with ESCA because of her many family and friends who were touched by cancer. She has been able to share with other client’s meaningful stories, and relevant information during cancer support group sessions. She brings humor and positive energy to the group, and will go the extra mile to assist clients with filling out applications, helping Spanish speaking clients, and provides one on one support when needed.